University Life……It’s a bitch sometimes.

It’s been a long time since I have posted on here, but I’ve been waiting for a good topic to talk about, and today one finally came up.

Some of my friends have continued to live in halls in our second year, thinking as you would that this would be the easier, cheaper and most convenient accommodation for our second year. Due to a series of issues that have been handled appallingly by the university, they have decided to seek accommodation elsewhere from January. 

Although most of the issues have been resolved with their decision to leave the campus halls, one more arose this week, and with only 6 days to go until they are officially living on their own, they are understandably unhappy.

Most halls will get a noise complaint or two on a campus, it’s natural. However, my friends are living on a second floor this year, and the corridor directly below them has become notorious on our campus for noise disruptions among other things. It has been quite often that my friends have made those complaints themselves, however nothing has been done to put a final end to this. In fact it has been allowed to continue, during hall inspections they mentioned it to the accommodation officer, who made a reply that it was ok because it was someones birthday the night before. But the problem is that it would start at 7am and go on until 4am most mornings, keeping them all awake all night and causing illness and problems with work.

This is deemed acceptable. It’s not. 

But then the tables were turned, a flatmate that they don’t particularly get on well with had a large amount of people in her room, smoking. It’s not the first time either. But this particular night a noise complaint was made, a hall warden came to investigate but due to the fact that the hall warden is friendly with the people in question, nothing was furthered in this case, but the rest of the girls who were being quiet and considerate got a noise complaint, stating that they had disturbed the peace. It is mainly because of this that I am writing this blog today, especially as every time they have been the once disturbed by others nothing has ever been done.

Smoking within in halls is strictly prohibited, and all hall wardens are obligated to report and record all instances of it happening. Clearly this is not the case. No one official has decided to actually talk to the people in question, instead content to blame those that are innocent. 

My university is going down in my estimation more and more each term. The amount of problems that have occurred and are dealt with either ineffectively or not at all is unacceptable for an institution that we pay £7,500 a year to attend, plus the £3000 in accommodation costs. We are owed a duty of care, and for the amount that we pay to be given the education, which is second to none in my opinion, we do not receive everything that we should be able to expect from such an ancient and well respected institution.

The relationship between lecturers and students is amazing here, and the education is fantastic, but the university institution as whole treats its students as if all we are is a load of impressionable young adults who are solely there to fund the vice chancellor and the staff he choses to employ, while we miss out because we cannot afford to keep the lecturers that we so badly need!!

Be a name, not a number. That’s what we were all promised on attending here, and frankly when it comes down to anything other than lecturers and the few staff that do care, it’s just not true, we are seen as £7,500 worth of numbers each.



Another Uni Tip

Don’t be afraid to have your own opinion……

At my Uni this year I have discovered that my campus is swarming with feminists. Feminists annoy me. As a woman apparently I shouldn’t think this way. I have been left feeling more oppressed by the females on my campus than by my male friends and my boyfriend. I have been brought up mostly by my mother, she is my best friend and my inspiration. She taught me that no matter what gender you are all humans are equal. My older and younger brothers have been taught the same thing, and my younger brother is from a different mother to my older brother, which shows that my mother is not the only woman bringing up her children in this way! On my campus we have a “Women’s Liberation Officer” because apparently all women in the 21st century need liberating. And men don’t. I completely disagree with all of this. I am liberated, that was seen to nearly 100 years ago. I am able to go out and have a job, raise a family and be a wife all at the same time. But so called “feminists” would look down on me should i choose to become a stay at home mother. We only ever hear about sexual abuse from women, as the men who suffer abuse are told by men and women that they are weak for being a victim. I don’t believe that we should be saying “Equal rights for women” as I think it should be “Equal rights for all humanity”. When there are children and adults, male and female, starving and suffering at the hands of a cruel regime, feminism becomes a non-issue. I am completely liberated, and I was from birth, because my mother, a career woman who had time to raise two children (and we weren’t easy to love at times), always taught me to be myself and to follow my dreams and hopes.

The feminism that I have encountered at this uni tells me that I am being oppressed on a daily basis by men everywhere, when in actual fact, the feminists have oppressed me more, by telling me what I should think and believe. 


If you’re starting uni or thinking of going, all I can say is respect other people’s beliefs and ideals, but NEVER EVER give up your own, you are who you are and you are PERFECT that way. xx

How to have fun at uni

So, I have been at Uni for a year now, and thought I’d  give out some tips to people thinking of going to uni next September! So here it goes…

1. Be clean. No one likes to walk into a communal area and see someone’s dirty plates all over the place. I can vouch for this being the main cause of discontent in a flat. My first year at uni cleanliness was a massive problem in our flat. It had gotten to the point that our kitchen was so filthy that no one could even use it. Bins were constantly overflowing, from kitchen and bedrooms, there was cheese in the fridge that on discovery I thought was a mouse because it was so furry, I can’t even describe how bad our kitchen had gotten. Two of my flatmates had gotten to the point that they couldn’t take it any more (I had been staying in my boyfriends’ flat for two weeks because ours was so bad). It took my two flatmates three hours to get the kitchen clean again, it was spotless, not a dirty plate to be found anywhere. They finally finished cleaning at 2am, and in a fit of midnight cleaning fury they left a note on the fridge door, asking the girls to keep the area clean in future. There was ONE swear word in the note, and neither of the girls in question had ever been abject to swearing in the past. However the cleaning of the kitchen and the note appeared to be enough reason for two of the girls to leave our flat and one to begin to avoid us at every opportunity.

So that’s lesson one kids, be clean, be tidy, don’t be a douche.